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specificatiexicatoxmddatasheetnov2020 (pdf)

Xicato XMD

Xicato Miniature Drivers (XMD) were created to fit into compact track adaptors for elegant designs. With its narrow, rectangular and low-profile footprint, this form factor enables fixture designs with minimal visual impact. As in XID, the XMD is capable of deep 0.1% flicker-free dimming and smart driver control with wireless BLE option.

  • Minimalist rectangular form factor: 12.5mm x 77mm x 6mm (about the size of a stick of chewing gum)
  • Programmable constant current output from 175mA to 1050mA and 2.5V to 45V

XID and XMD are both part of Xicato Onboard™, a portfolio of embeddable products by which any 3rd party device can be upgraded to be wirelessly controlled and monitored via Bluetooth mesh and operate seamlessly with the Xicato Controls platform, which also includes sensors, switches, gateways and software.

See specification for more information.