Factorylux Bulkhead

The Factorylux Xicato Bulkhead is available complete with fabric cable and an IP54 rated ceiling rose / cable outlet, or as a stand alone product ready for mounting directly onto an M20 conduit system. The Bulkhead itself is rated to IP65. All Factorylux Xicato products are thermally validated and are covered by Xicato’s 5-year color consistency warranty.

Lamp type*Xicato XTM Standard/Artist
Luminous Flux720 – 2700lm
Power Consumption5.6W – 22.3W
Drive Current350mA – 700mA
Colour Temperature2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K
Colour Consistency1-2 Step MacAdam Ellipses
Beam Angles*tbc
Accessories*Ultra Wide Beam Diffuser
 Wide Beam Diffuser

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