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specificatie xtm vibrant v95 series (pdf)

Xicato XTM Vibrant V95 Series

Xicato Vibrant Series® products are designed with enhanced color gamut that adds vibrancy to colors, hues, and tones – especially whites, reds and blues – that do not “pop” under halogen lighting.


Vibrant Series V95 delivers vibrancy with outstanding color rendering, and comes in 3000K, in flux packages from 700 to 4000 lumens, delivering typical CRI (Ra) of 96, with typical R9 of 96, and extremely high R values across all 15 CIE CRI samples.


The Xicato Thin Module (XTM) consists of a Xicato Core Array (XCA), pressure fit into a compact yet robust holder designed to allow attachment of a large ecosystem of lenses and heatsinks to facilitate design and construction of a wide variety of downlight and spot fixtures. The integration of core and holder, with full UL and CE approval, provides the assurance of quality, and simplifies the certification of customer luminaires. XTM can accommodate Xicato’s entire portfolio of color, CCT, and output options.  

The XTM includes:

  • LED emitting core
  • Zhaga-compatible holder
  • Fixed wires


Available in 9mm

  • 700lm: 3000K
  • 1300lm: 3000K
  • 2000lm: 3000K


Available in 19mm
  • 1300lm: 3000K
  • 2000lm: 3000K
  • 3000lm: 3000K
  • 4000lm: 3000K


See specification for more information