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specificatie xim beauty series GEN4 BLE (pdf)

Xicato Beauty Series is a remarkable light source that makes people look and feel exceptional. Beauty Series is designed to enhance the natural beauty of human skin tones, with outstanding color rendering and extended gamut that aids in cosmetic color matching, but is appropriate for any location where people shop or socialize. Control:1-10 or Dali.


The Xicato Intelligent Module (XIM) is a compact, integrated LED lighting module designed to fit a wide variety of downlight and spot fixtures, and to simplify the design and assembly of controllable LED luminaires. The XIM includes:

  • LED emitting core
  • Drive electronics – constant voltage to constant current (dimmable)
  • Microprocessor with firmware and static random access memory (SRAM)
  • Internal sensors that detect intensity, LED and PCB temperature, power, and other operating parameters


Available in 19mm

  • 1300lm: 2700K
  • 2000lm: 2700K


See specification for more information