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Specificaties Betacalco Squiggle RGBW (pdf)

Beta-Calco Squiggle RGBW

  • Body and trim: Steel and aluminum.
  • Finish: Powder coated for standard finishes (black, metallic silver & white).  For wood grain finishes, the canopy will be white.
  • Suspension: Steel cables. Recommended minimum mounting heights from ceiling: 305mm/12" for White LEDs and 610mm/24" for Colored LEDs (Only for Direct/Indirect version). 
  • Power cable: Silver braided.
  • Diffusers: Opal polycarbonate direct/Clear polycarbonate indirect.
  • Drivers: For white LED, integral, HPF electronic drivers for 120-277V (EU-240V).
  • Drivers: For RGBW, integral HPF electronic drivers/DMX interfaces for 120-277V (EU-240V). Luminaires require a DMX controller by others.
  • Integral Emergency system: Emergency option provides a 1.5 hour (3 hours for EU) emergency lighting facility. The self contained system includes the inverter module, NiCad batteries, LED charge indicator and test switch (NA only). Not available with a 347V supply.
  • L70 @25oC: > 50,000 hrs.


See specification for more information.