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Specificaties Betacalco Micro Triangle SE Susp (pdf)

Beta-Calco Micro Triangle SE susp

  • Body: Aluminum, Equilateral Triangle
  • Finish: Powder coated for standard finishes (black, metallic silver & white).  For wood grain finishes, canopy will be white.
  • Suspension: Stainless steel cables.
  • Power cable: Silver braided.
  • Drivers: HPF electronic drivers for 120-277V (EU-240V), 0-10V, 1% dimming.
  • Remote Mounting Of Drivers: Wire size 18 AWG - max distance (from fixture to drivers) 40', wire size 16 AWG - max distance 60', wire size 14 AWG - max distance 90'. Drivers must be accessible after installation.  
  • Mechanical: Luminaires attached directly to the J box (by others - North America only).
  • Diffusers: Frosted acrylic.
  • L70 @25oC: > 50,000 hrs.


See specification for more information.