RCL Handheld Controller

With Remote Controlled Lighting's (RCL) unique remote control, creating the perfect lighting scheme has never been so easy.
Selecting, focusing and dimming RCL’s range of luminaires is all possible through the use of the handheld remote.
Intuitive in design, the “target” button triggers the laser pointer used to select a fixture.
The LED indicator on the spotlight will illuminate red to indicate selection before the control’s arrow buttons can be used to pan and tilt the selected luminaire.
Dim levels can be specified through the use of the controller’s display, while the remote also facilitates the recording and playback of positions stored in memory.
Global control of memory and dimming commands for all luminaires in a scheme is also possible through the two global buttons located on the remote.

iDirect, the perfect companion to RCL’s range of spotlights.
Using a DMX signal, iDirect offers a variety of options designed to enable quick, effective alterations to an RCL lighting scheme.
Designed, specifically for the iPad, the award winning app allows the user to pan, tilt and dim RCL luminaires using intuitive gestures.
The setup is simple, with a user friendly interface allowing spotlights to be quickly added to the app’s library, the Light Table.

Award Winning App
Light Plans allow spotlights to be added to an imported vector diagram of the installation, where fixtures can be positioned precisely in the scene.
Multiple installation areas can be imported allowing the user to effectively oversee and manage the entire project.
Alter the intensity of the installation using iDirect’s dim function, which allows the user to alter the dim levels of all spotlights within a single area from one central location.


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