Reggiani Yori Linear Recessed - Continuos line

Yori Linear is available in single modules or in a continuous line configuration.

The elegant, practical continuous line is provided by combining luminaires of different lengths fitted with special plugand-socket connectors. It is possible to join up to 25 modules or reach a total length of no more than 34 m. Yori Linear Recessed features an elegant, understated line with a trim of only 4 mm. The 60-mm thick, die-cast aluminium body houses the driver, making the luminaire compact and suitable for installation in confined false ceiling spaces.
The continuous line configuration of Yori Linear recessed includes a 90° corner module for even more versatile lighting design projects.


Yori Linear recessed: 475mm, 935mm, 1395mm

Yori Linear recessed continuos line: 460mm, 920mm, 1380mm, 488x488mm 


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