Reggiani Yori Evo 48V Mini

Yori Evo family has evolved and widened, now including a 48V low-voltage track version available both as adjustable spotlight and as pendant in four different sizes.

  • Ø22mm | Precision 1X / Ø22mm | Precision 2X
  • Ø35mm | Precision 1X / Ø35mm | Precision 2X
  • Ø22mm | Precision 1X | Long Arm / Ø22mm | Precision 2X | Long Arm
  • Ø35mm | Precision 1X | Long Arm / Ø35mm | Precision 2X | Long Arm

In presenting a product or an exhibition piece, light plays an essential role: that’s why Yori Evo 48V was developed to be used especially in showcases, shelves or display cases. It’s outstanding CRI >98 enhances colours authenticity and materiality, adding value to any sales item or art object and drawing viewer’s attention to it. 

  • Sizes: Ø22mm and Ø35mm
  • From 2W to 3,5W
  • K: 2700, 3000, 4000
  • Control: On/Off , DALI, Dimm 1-10V, Dimmer on Board
  • Special finishes available
  • Cluster configuration available
  • Wide range of accessories available


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