Precision Lighting Stacko Aim End

Stacko Aim End is a 1.1W miniature display orientated LED lighting module offering 4 beam distributions that is a part of the modular Stacko Collection which allows users to ‘stack’ lighting modules together to create unique lighting set-ups that comes as standard in white, black and brushed aluminium finishes. Stacko Aim End is also available in 4 premium finishes and custom RAL. It is an ‘End’ Stacko lighting module which means it closes a circuit and does not accept other Stacko lighting modules above it. Each 102lm light engine produces a Narrow beam with a peak intensity of 794 cd. Stacko Aim End is fully adjustable with infinite 360 degree pan and has 90 degree adjustable tilt coverage per light engine. It has four site changeable optics for flexible distribution and can accept snoot accessories. The luminaire is compatible with our Minipoint system that enables a plug and play setup where luminaires can be simply swapped to suit changing lighting requirements. Please note that there can only be maximum 10 light engines per Stacko circuit or driver.


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