Precision Lighting Evo-Single Source 11 Short Snoot

Evo 11 is a single source LED spotlight that comes as standard in white, black and brushed aluminium finishes. It has five site changeable optics for flexible distribution. The Evo has a 360 degree bearing aided rotation and 180 degree constant torque tilt mechanism, both lockable. The Jack Plug system enables the luminaire to be easily disconnected and reconnected to all of Precision Lighting’s systems. The onboard 24V driver ensures overcurrent protection and is not polarity sensitive.

CategoryInterior use only IP20
MaterialMachined Aluminium
LockablePan & Tilt
AccessoriesSnoots | Louvres | Lenses
FinishesBrushed Aluminium | Black | White | Rubbed Bronze | Custom*
Gear TypeDimmable available
Colour Temperature3000K*
Beam Angle09º


See specification for more information