LED Flex Domed Neon Pixel

Domed Neon was designed to resemble a conventional glass neon, particularly in cases where an existing neon installation needs to be replaced or upgraded. Domed Neon is a superior substitute with the added benefits of more durability and flexibility. It is available in White, RGB, RGBW, Pixel and Dual Colour.


Our Neon lights are bendable and highly durable linear LED solutions – suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. To achieve a uniform and diffused light output our Neon Flex range encapsulates LED strips with high-quality Epistar chips inside a flexible 3OZ case. The protective casing prevents UV damage, is waterproof, step proof, as well as flame and solvent-resistant. We offer a range of dimensions and colour temperatures; depending on the environment our Neon LEDs can be mounted, recessed and semi-recessed. 

Dimension: H29/W12
Mounting: Aluminium profile / self locking aluminium profile
Description: RGB, 24V, 11.09W/m - Stated output: 266lm per metre
Description: RED, 24V, 4.34W/m - Stated output: 69.08lm per metre
Description: GREEN, 24V, 4.32W/m - Stated output: 168.7lm per metre
Description: BLUE, 24V, 4.32W/m - Stated output: 32.53lm per metre
Quantity/length of product tested: 1 x 1000mm
PCB increment: Power connection and cut point every 83.34mm
Connection: Hardwire tails or male/female connectors
Control: 0-10V/1-10V/DMX/DALI

See specification for more information