LED Flex Domed Neon Pixel

This high output Neon Flex features a domed top which produces a wider beam angle. Its durability and weather resistance make it suitable for external conditions. The Domed Neon resembles a conventional glass neon and can be used to replace and upgrade existing neon installations.
Available in: 3000K, 5700K, RGB (Red-Green-Blue), RGBW 2700K (Red-Green-Blue-White) and RGBW 4000K (Red-Green-Blue-White)


Our Neon lights are bendable and highly durable linear LED solutions – suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. To achieve a uniform and diffused light output our Neon Flex range encapsulates LED strips with high-quality Epistar chips inside a flexible 3OZ case. The protective casing prevents UV damage, is waterproof, step proof, as well as flame and solvent-resistant. We offer a range of dimensions and colour temperatures; depending on the environment our Neon LEDs can be mounted, recessed and semi-recessed. 

Dimension: H29/W12
Mounting: Aluminium profile / self locking aluminium profile
Description: RGB, 24V, 11.09W/m - Stated output: 266lm per metre
Description: RED, 24V, 4.34W/m - Stated output: 69.08lm per metre
Description: GREEN, 24V, 4.32W/m - Stated output: 168.7lm per metre
Description: BLUE, 24V, 4.32W/m - Stated output: 32.53lm per metre
Quantity/length of product tested: 1 x 1000mm
Bin tolerance/#. MacAdams ellipse of chip: 3 Step MacAdam ellipse
PCB increment: Power connection and cut point every 83.34mm
Connection: Hardwire tails or male/female connectors
Control: 0-10V/1-10V/DMX/DALI

See specification for more information