SOLOdrive 560/A is DALI-2 certified. Two LED outputs. LightShape - Dim To Warm. LEDcode2 technology.


SOLOdrive 561/A is 0-10V compatible. Two LED outputs. LightShape - Dim To Warm. LEDcode technology.


SOLOdrive 563/A DALI-2 compatible. One LED output. Smooth dimming to dark. LEDcode2 technology.



  • Hybrid HydraDrive: provides the smoothest flicker-free high-performance dimming to zero for every fixture.
  • LEDcode2: connects to integrated digital accessories, supports location-based IoT applications and enables wired and wireless lighting control through LEDcode peripheral devices.
  • LEDcode technology: configurable design to work with most constant current LED modules and arrays, while providing a connection point to integrated peripheral controls.
  • NTC interface for robust thermal management.



  • Industry-best dimming performance for your fixture/application.
  • Wide application area thanks to fully configurable dimming curve.


The end cap functions as a wire restraint and makes the driver perfectly suited for independent installations.


See specification for more information