DUALdrive 560/A DALI-2 certified. LEDcode2 technology. Square form factor. Independent LED driver. 152.5x76.2x30.1mm  (photo 1)


DUALdrive 560/U is DALI-2 certified. LEDcode2 technology.

Long form factor. 444x29.9x21mm (photo 2)


DUALdrive 560/L is DALI-2 certified. LEDcode2 technology.

Long form factor.  320x30x26mm (photo 3)


DUALdrive 560/S is DALI-2 certified. LEDcode technology.

Square form factor. 130x76x30mm (photo 4)


DUALdrive 561/S is 0-10V compatible. LEDcode technology.

Square form factor. 130.4x76.5x30mm (photo 5)


DUALdrive is perfect for dynamic white lighting applications or for luminaires that combine task and ambient lighting. DUALdrive excels in configurability and low dimming - giving you every shade of white! Symbiosis ensures the LED driver works seamlessly together with LED modules, controls and intelligent luminaire elements. The end cap functions as a wire restraint and makes the driver perfectly suited for independent installations.



  • LightShape: intuitive colour temperature and intensity control.
  • Hybrid HydraDrive: provides the smoothest flicker-free high-performance dimming to dark for every fixture.
  • LEDcode2: connects to integrated digital accessories, supports location-based IoT applications and enables wired and wireless lighting control through LEDcode peripheral devices.
  • LEDcode technology: configurable design to work with most constant current LEmodules and arrays, while providing a connection point to integrated peripheral controls.
  • NTC interface for robust thermal management.
  • Being a LightShape LED driver, allows u you to compose the exact shade of white at the right intensity level to complement materials in retail, support productivity in the office, or create the perfect atmosphere in a hospitality environment. 


See specification for more information