Cooledge Fabrilum

FABRILum Goes Beyond Lighting

At Cooledge, we’re not satisfied simply selling products that provide best-in-class illumination. FABRILum delivers the immersive illumination that is Cooledge’s advantage but goes beyond lighting to deliver so much more: unparalleled acoustic performance plus new architectural forms.


Unlike others, we didn’t just fake it by wrapping existing lighting products in acoustic felt or bolting a standard light fixture to a passive panel and call it acoustic lighting: we built an acoustic luminaire that doesn’t compromise on lighting performance or design AND performs on a par with the best acoustic solutions for reducing noise pollution in open spaces.


NO Compromises

  • You don’t have to accept anything less than the perfect solution for solving noise pollution and still delivering the best illumination possible
  • You don’t have to choose between great lighting and peaceful quiet
  • You don’t have to settle for traditional points and lines luminaires masquerading as acoustic solutions
  • You don’t need the clutter of fuzzy boxes and panels in your ceiling\


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