Cooledge FABRICloud

Bringing the Feeling of the Outdoors...Inside (literally!)
FABRICloud is a large area acoustic LED luminaire that quite literally brings the feeling of the outdoors to interior spaces with vibrant skyscapes. Capture a piece of the sky with a single luminaire or create an expansive scenic canopy of natural illumination by grouping luminaires together in preset scenes, all without breaking the budget.

Bringing Nature to Everyday Spaces

  • Vibrant illuminated nature scenes transform any space into an oasis that delivers an experience of connection and wellness for people.
  • A choice of three (3) skyscape scenes each available in five (5) configurations from a single 4x4 (1200x1200) luminaire to a 12x8 (3600x2400) canopy.
  • Exceptional acoustic performance reduces noise and saves you money on supplementary acoustic materials.
  • Mounting options to suit virtually any ceiling.
  • Combine with FABRICore luminaires to deliver immersive illumination for general lighting that includes elements that connect directly to nature


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