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The ROXY LED tracklight ensures a high level of visual comfort due to its recessed optics. In addition to the classic tracklights, which are inserted into the track rail via an adapter, the ROXY series also features a rotatable ring on the luminaire‘s head for the optional adjustment of the beam angle.

With variants in ON-OFF as well as with DALI drivers, the ROXY series promises a variety of different and interesting configuration options. The LED tracklights are compatible with GLOBAL as well as with POWERGEAR 3-Circuit Track systems, in which the spotlights – depending on the driver choice – can be controlled and dimmed separately via 3 different circuits.

Due to an optical zoom, it is possible to make a manual adjustment of the beam characteristics at any time. Therefore, the ROXY series offers an ideal solution for a wide variety of lighting situations, in which changing objects in different shapes and sizes can be brought into the lime light. The adjustable beam angle is available for the ranges from 20° to 35° and from 35° to 60° respectively.

Rail systems with LED tracklights are perfect for applications such as shops and retail for illuminating goods and shelves, in museums and galeries for high-lighting exhibits, as well as for restaurants, hotels and bars for pleasant accented lighting.

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