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The GAME ceiling-mounted luminaire is a classic lighting for use in offices and shops as well as in hotels and other commercial areas. For the classic use in the form of a ceiling-mounted luminaire as well as in a more unconventional way as wire pendant or rod pendant, the luminaire offers unique possibilities to enrich the interior design. The reduced design in circular form in the classic housing colours in black or white fits elegantly and harmoniously into the architecture. Different configuration options, such as four different sizes and a balanced colour selection, provide either strong accents or restrained lighting.

The microprismatic cover ensures optimal working light with high visual comfort with an optimal UGR value of 19. During the development of the GAME series, great importance was attached to the use of innovative technologies as well as a simple installation for the customer. The luminaire consists of two basic units: on the one hand, an installation element and on the other the housing of the luminaire, which are connected by a screw mechanism. The separate procedure ensures that the LED modules are protected from unnecessary touch and resulting damages. The combinations of different sizes and commutings make it possible to implement awesome lighting solutions.

Available from 350-900mm.

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