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The modular 48V system MODULINE 26 integrates perfectly into any architecture thanks to its minimalist design. Despite its smallest dimensions, MODULINE 26 provides an ideal lighting mood with powerful and glare-free light insets. The flexible design options enable a system that is perfectly aligned to the requirements and wishes of the customers.

Reduced to a 26mm wide aluminium profile, the MODULINE 26 is ideally suited for ceiling and wall mounting. In the ceiling version, there are possibilities to install the tracks as a recessed, pendant and surface mounted version. The standard track of 52mm is supplemented by a slim version with a height of 27mm. Different connectors in L, T or X-shape provide maximum flexibility in the design of different architectures.

The light inserts can be connected to the track without tools by a magnetic system. In addition, it is possible to move the position of the modules within the track. With variants in ON-OFF, 1-10V Dim, as well as with DALI drivers, the MODULINE 26 system promises a variety of different configuration options.

Accent Light: Our accent light can be flexibly selected in two different sizes and with four different wattages. The portfolio is complemented by an accent light that can be adjusted by 90° to each side. In addition, a glare-free and pleasant light was particularly important during the development, thanks to its glare index of <19.

General Light: The General Light variants are available in four different sizes for the MODULINE 26 system to ensure a seamless transition of general lighting. From a length of the General Light of 284mm with 7W to a length of 1124mm with 26W, exciting lighting solutions can be created for a wide range of planning situations. Like the Accent Light, the General Light is available in an adjustable version of 90° to each side.

Wall Washer: The MODULINE 26 Wall Washer provides a lot of flexibility with two sizes of 290mm and 570mm. The modern design of the Wall Washer allows the output angle of the light to be adjusted by up to 13°.

Spotlight: With three different spotlight sizes ranging from Ø25mm, Ø40mm to Ø55mm, the Spotlight modules of the MODULINE 26 system offer plenty of scope for designing exciting lighting solutions. The Spotlight series is complemented by a variant with an optical zoom, which makes it possible to make a manual adjustment of the beam characteristic at any time.

Pendant Spot: The minimalist designed pendant luminaires of the MODULINE 26 system ensure excellent accent lighting with the best light quality. With sizes of 40mm and 55mm, different shapes and sizes of changing objects can be put into the right light. The low-seat LED inside the pendant lamp provides a high level of visual comfort with a UGR value of <19.

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