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Formalighting Moto-Zero Compasso

Motorized track mounted spotlight with light head and mounting arm in cast aluminium.
Moto-Zero Compasso is available in 3 different light head diameters: 40mm, 68mm and 100mm.
Moto-Zero Compasso Zoom is available in 4diameters: 40mm. 68mm, 80mm and
130 mm.
The integrated track adapter with built-in driver is compatible with 3 phase eurotype track.
Two DC motors drive the movements of the fixtures, tilting them vertically up to 90° and rotating horizontally 350°.
For the Moto-Zero Zoom series, a third motor controls a special lens, which allows the user to shape the light beam from narrow to wide diffuse.
The movements and the beam shaping of the fixture, as well as the intensity and the colour tuning of the light, are controlled via CASAMBI™ application.

LED Sources
Moto Zero Compasso: COB LED. High Power LED. Lumenetix Full Spectrum (68).
COB Tuneable White (40,68).
CRI: 90 | CCT: 3000K, 4000K, Tuneable White (40, 68), Full Spectrum (68).
Moto-Zero Zoom: High Power LED.(40). COB LED (68, 80, 130).
Lumenetix Full Spectrum (80),Tuneable White (130).
CRI: 90 | CCT: 3000K, 4000K, Full Spectrum (80), Tuneable White (130).

Lens or Reflector (only for Moto-Zero Compasso 68 TW).
Beam Angle: Super Narrow (7°) / Narrow / Medium / Wide.
Moto-Zero Zoom series: special lenses with beam shaping technology.

Dimmable, In track adapter integrated driver 220-240VAC 50/60hz.
Motion Control: Casambi.
Dimming Options: Casambi.
Colour Tuning: Casambi.

Moto-Zero Compasso 68: Honeycomb louvre, Visor,Snoot. Moto-Zero Zoom 130: Honeycomb louvre.

A tiny and versatile spotlight ideal for applications where the distance between ceiling and spot is an issue.
The Moto-Zero Zoom series is the ideal solution for museum and retail application.
The fixture enable users to focus on a narrow to wide spot at the touch of a button.
Application areas: retail, museums, hospitality, residential, lobbies.

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