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specsheetformalightingpixocatenary (pdf)

Formalighting Pixo Retro Catenary

Discreet, robust, and compact, the Pixo Catenary system consists of Pixo Retro Catenary features a classic filament look and
Pixo Catenary a modern compact spotlight design.
The Pixo Catenary system offers luminaires with diameters of 25mm and 38mm and weights of approximately 100 grams
each. There are no extra clunky power cables or typical catenary clutter, so the system is streamlined and simple. The Pixo
Catenary system also requires minimal tension for mounting, reducing engineering complexity and project time.
Large public spaces, outdoor cafés, restaurants, and parks are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

LED Sources
Ambient light:
CRI: 80 I CCT: 2200K

• Suspension & Power Cable
• Catenary plate mount​
• Eyebolt mount with ​concrete anchor screw​
• Pole / Tree Mounted
• Waterproof connector

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