1. profile
aluminum anodised matte in black, silver 
max. profile length 2,000mm, 
extension with profile connectors possible

2. magnetic track
low voltage magnetic track
in silver matte, champagne matte, black matte, gold matte
power input: 12V DC constant voltage

3. track spotlight
C1-micro-LC, C1-mini-HC, C1-mini-HC-VL, C1-mini-HLC,
C1-mini-LC, C1-mini-LC-VL, C1-mini-UHC, C1-STS, C1-USTS
C1-mini-C, C2-C, C2-STS (top level only)

4. LED strip
240 LEDs/m (smallest separable unit 25mm)
light colour (+/- 100 K): ~2,700 K, ~3,000 K, ~4,000 K, 
Tunable White ~2,700 K - 6,500 K
mid power LED, high CRI >97, DIN EN 55015:2013, 
lifetime 50,000 hours | basis of lifetime L80B10
power input: 24V DC constant voltage

5. profile cover | linear lens
aluminum anodised matte in black, silver
flat satin linear lens with ~70° beam angle

6. end cap
aluminum anodised matte in black, silver

standard length profile 2,000mm (other lengths on request)
steel cable suspension at 2 points
holder made of stainless steel incl. steel cable and 
stabilizing tube (height 152mm, Ø 10mm)
canopy on request

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