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35.-ledex-22 (pdf)

Encapsulite LEDEX-22

Remote Driver / Suspended and Surface Mounted / LED

The LEDEX-22 is a slim tubular design that can be suspended using our wire/rod kits, or surface mounted with our bespoke brackets. This fitting delivers 125° light distribution through its polycarbonate satin diffuser.
The LEDEX-22 makes use of efficient LED technology and can include a wide range of constant voltage drivers to accommodate every project. Various dimming protocols are available for a precise controllable light output.

  • Fixed & dimmable options available
  • Suspended, angled or surface mounted
  • Remote driver up to 2 metres away
  • Suitable for almost any interior application
  • Fittings are supplied with surface mounting brackets
  • Suspension kits/Rods available upon request

Technical Info
Light Source info  LED/Electric Driver
Dimming                1-10V, Dali, DMX or Leading/Trailing edge
Installation            Horizontal, angled suspension or surface mounted
Optics                     Satin polycarbonate diffuser
Source Info            LED
Lumens                  1058 – 1530 per metre
Colour Temp         2700K, 3000K, 4000K or 6500K
Lifetime                  Up to 72,000hrs
Voltage                   24v CV DC
Safety Class           II
IP Rating                IP20
LED Colour            Standard Choice CRI 80> 827, 830, 840, 865
                                Cost Option CRI 90> 927, 930, 940, 965

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