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34.-rgbw-flex (pdf)

Remote Driver / Self-adhesive, Surface Mounted / LED
Flexible LED light source that can self adhere to surfaces

Encapsulite have developed the LED flex to address a need among customers that require a very warm white for the entertainment and leisure industry. Cooler whites can also be achieved by mixing the RGB chips, creating a highly versatile, single-source lighting solution.

  • High copper content for better heat dissipation
  • 4mm centred solder pads for easy wire connection
  • 3M 9080A adhesive backed
  • For best heat disperson and longevity, fit to aluminium surface
  • Use with 24V DC 100w RGBW Driver
  • Popular with leisure and entertainment industry

Technical Info
Light Source Information 24V DC RGBW Driver
Red Light 621nm
Green Light 525nm
Blue Light 455nm
White Colour Temperature 2200K
Operating Temp -25oC – +60oC
Safety Class SELV
IP Rating IP20

Warning: Never run all colours, or more than one colour, at 100% as damage will occur. When creating white with three colours, do not exceed 30% output on each colour.

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