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30.-fep-safety-data-sheet (pdf)

Encapsulite FEP Safety

FEP Coating for Shatterproof Fluorescent Lamps

FEP coated fluorescent lamps can be used in all fittings to contain glass and mercury should the lamp break either during maintenance or at the end of its life.
Shatteproof FEP safety coating can be used in various industries such as: schools, public spaces, hotels, restaurants, warehousing, food, packaging and pharmaceuticals where a glass-free environment is required.

  • Can be used in open or enclosed fittings, including IP65 type units with either switch start or electronic ballasts.
  • Can also be specified on long life lamps, with a coating life in excess of 50,000 hours
  • FEP coated lamps are recognised by the British Retail Consortium, and pass all hygiene audits associated with the food, packaging and pharmaceutical industries.

Technical Information
Impact test, manufactured to IEC60068-2-75
Needle flame compliant to IEC 60598-1
850°C Glow wire test compliant to IEC 60598
Heat ageing at 140°C for 168 hours compliant to IEC 61195.

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