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Heper Lighting TILA S

Elegant and Scalable Light Column Family
Unique design, flexible optics, and modular structure make TILA family stand out for contemporary architectural projects.

- Equipped with HEPER's patented Milestone EVO (ML EVO) or AreaFlex (AFX) module
- Minimized glare with hidden light source (ML)
- Flexible light distribution options from Type I through Type V (AFX)
- Indirect lighting with reflector technology (ML)
- Uniform lighting distribution through multifaceted reflectors (ML)
- Superior thermal management with upward aligned LED chips (ML)
- Easy installation and maintenance with modular structure

This fixture is available in more versions, click on below products for more information:

TILA S ML EVO 1 Module

TILA S ML EVO 2 Module

TILA S ML EVO 3 Module

TILA S AFX 1 Module

TILA S AFX 2 Module

TILA S AFX 3 Module

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