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Formalighting Mini Cobra Flex System & Linear

Surface mounted modular system in extruded aluminium. Available in different length configurations based on a 56mm link (2 LED per link) with a 60mm increment.
Section 14x13mm.
Its flexible structure maintain a constant 30mm pitch between the LED.

Mounting options:
Integrated magnets for easy installation.
L mounting brackets.
U mounting clips.

* Plastic free packaging.

LED Sources
Power LED.
CRI: 75 & 97 | R9: >90 | CCT: 2100K, 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K.
3-Step MacAdam.
Other CRI and CCT options available on request.

Beam angle: 21° / 29° / elliptical (22° x 47°).
Driver not included to be ordered separately.
Work with 700 mA Constant Current Driver positioned remotely.

Honeycomb Art. 2D97.
Color filter Art. 2E41.
Mounting accessories included.
Power extension cable Art. 2C47 to be ordered separately.

Ideal for indirect cove illumination, it creates a wall grazing effect for columns and curved architectonic surfaces. It is also a great pick also for display showcase illumination.

Application areas: Cove light, wallwash, residential, hospitality, restaurants, museums, display showcases.

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