Formalighting Canali Edge System & Linear

The new Canali edge is a revolutionary edge-less lighting system featuring easy and clean installation, eliminating wired connections and gearboxes in the cove.

Canali Edge profile features easy-to-clip on adjustable spotlights, together with a dedicated channel for linear cove lights fixed by magnets, all in extruded aluminum.

The Integrated 3 phase track system with DALI bus enables full DALI control on both linear and track spots.
Small and powerful in-track integrated drivers make it very easy to move and reposition the spotlights and the linear lights.

LED Sources
Spotlights: Zero 42, Zero 66 & Zero 80 LED spotlights from zero track range, which can be easily-clip-on and move
along the channel.

Cove Light: Microline, a high-performance LED linear light available in various length configurations and CCTs.

Track Accessories: Feeder for left and right, Concealed Connector, End Cap.

Accommodation modules for: fire sprinklers, surveillance camera, HVAC diffuser, speakers, WiFi access point available upon request.

New Canali edge is best suited for discreet lighting applications to enhance the architectural detail.

It can be applied in multiple areas such as retail, museums, galleries, exhibits, jewelry, shops, residential, lift lobbies due to its versatile design property.

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