The magnetic track system by Alphabet is a Class III - SELV product. The supply voltage must be between 0 and 60 VDC and the supply current must not exceed 15 A. The four track conductors can be used to create two separate power supply circuits, or one circuit for the power supply and one for the ‘DATA BUS’.

The track bars with 1-2-3 m length are supplied with the copper wires already recessed with respect to the aluminium, to prevent them from coming into contact with one another in case of dual power supply, or, if end caps are used, to prevent the copper wires from coming into contact with them.

*It is forbidden to use control gear, drivers, DATA BUS systems and components that are not SELV-approved and/ or with U-OUT greater than 60 VDC.

During assembly operations, respect the polarity only for the light fittings that require it.

2 circuits: 2x +/- 15A/0-60V dc
1 circuit + Data Bus: +/- 15A/0-60V + D+/D-
External extruded body in aluminium. Available colours: black and white or special ral
Insulated extruded body in PVC
Copper conductors

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