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Alphabet GAMMA 34 PENDANT (34mm)

''GAMMA34” Pendant is a LED profile, made of an extruded aluminum, powder-coated with fine matte finish. With dark cover and assembled spotlight.


 Available from 30cm up to 450cm.  
Selection of different spot lights ‘Giota 34’ , ‘Giota 40 Zoom’ , ‘Giota 65’ or ‘Giota 85’.
Two different CRi (80 or 90). 
Four different CCT (2700K, 3000K, 4000K or 6500K). 
Three different Optics / Diffusers (15° , 24° , 36°).
On-Off or Dimmable version (Dali, Push Button, 1-10V or Bluetooth).
Coming in White, Black or Grey powder coated and in Special Decorative Black or Red Oxidation, Optionally in Special RAL
L90 B10 @50.000h (Ta 24°).
Flicker @100Hz<3

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