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Alphabet TAF24 ALPHA (24mm)

A tube connects. A tube transfers. A tube encourages the flow. In the “T24” case, a tube combines all that attributes with light, bringing into life a modern, minimalistic lighting system with endless, playful combinations. “T24”, the new, innovative lighting fixture by Alphabet by Zambelis, is an extruded aluminum tube, consisting of numerous lighting instruments, which can be combined in infinite ways in order to create unique lighting installations. Interior lighting design has now a modular, customizable ally, as “T24” can transform into any type of lighting fixture: from pendant, to wall mounted, wall-to-wall, and so on. All “T24” lighting instruments are 355º rotatable. Colors and materials can be applied to preference, in order to achieve the perfect fusion of decorative & architectural in lighting. System ‘TAF24’ comes as all the Alphabet products with a guaranty of 5 years and equipped with the latest generation of well known LED brands with small color tolerance MacAdam 3. The system needs 24V power supply and can be supplied from one point.
Available 24V drivers,ON-OFF , DALI.

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