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eclipsetrimless-standarddatasheet (pdf)

Phos eclipse trimless - standard

The Eclipse Trimless is a recessed, tilt behind, adjustable downlight with a trimless plaster in frame and features a beautifully 
sculpted anti-glare baffle.

Product Features

  • Downlight
  • Adjustable
  • Interior 
  • LED
  • IP65
  • Available in all Phos finishes
  • Interchangable optics (pre & post install)

Phos Standards

  • 60min fire-certified
  • Acoustic-rated
  • UK designed, manufactured and assembled
  • 5 year warranty

Physical Properties

  • Diameter 125X125mm
  • Height 84mm (4W/9W)
  • Height 106mm (14W)
  • Cut-out Ø90mm
  • Tilt Max 26°

See specification for more information or click here