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specificatie-ap-led-rd1705329648 (pdf)

Encapsulite AP LED-RD

The AP LED-RD is a slim tubular design that can be suspended, or surface mounted with slotted brackets. This fitting delivers 100° light distribution through its polycarbonate satin diffuser.

The AP LED-RD makes use of efficient LED technology and can include switched or DALI dimming options for a controllable level of light output.

  • Switched or DALI dimming options available
  • Suspended or surface mounted
  • Remote driver up to 2 metres away
  • Suitable for almost any interior application
  • Operated from a 700mA constant current driver

Fittings are supplied with slotted brackets, suspension kits need to be purchased separately.

Technical Info

  • Light Source Information: LED Remote Driver
  • Optics: Satin polycarbonate diffuser
  • Installation: Horizontal, angled suspension or surface mounted
  • Mount Type: Suspended or surface mounted
  • Source Info: LED boards
  • Lumens: 505lm – 3093lm
  • Colour Temp: 3000K, 4000K
  • Lifetime: Up to 50,000hr
  • Voltage: 230V, 50-60Hz
  • Safety Class: I
  • IP Rating: IP20

See specification for more information or click here