Reggiani Mood PRO

Mood Pro is the evolution of our architectural range of downlights. Same design and same sizes of the standard Mood, but with new outstanding lumen packages and optics - including a Tunable white dimming range from 2700 to 6500K.

  • Double performance and lumen output increase from 80% to 100% compared to the standard version
  • 2700K, 3000K, 4000K
  • CRI>80, CRI>90
  • Control options: DALI, On/off, Phase Cut and Dimm 1-10V
  • Tunable White dimming range from 2700K to 6500K
  • Wide range of accessories like coloured and selective filters, lenses, honeycomb louvre and Wall Washer lens
  • Wide range of finishes, includine the new wood finishes "Natural Collection"

Mood is now Pro
Our architectural range of downlights is now available in the Pro version: same design of the classic Mood but with new LEDs and lumen output more than doubled.

Adjustable, Fixed and Wall Washer
The Pro series is available for all our range of Mood downlights: Adjustable, Fixed and Wall Washer. This way you  can choose the one that better suits your lighting configuration.

An innovative soul
With Mood Pro we move forward in terms of performance and control. The new die-cast heat sink has the same size but a larger dissipating surface and is tested to keep the LED cool and safe. The new LED PCB board guarantees 80% -100% higher lumen output. The optics are also renewed, with new super narrow beams and the Tunable White option.

A complete range
The Pro series comes in a variety of sizes: Ø30mm, Ø50mm, Ø80mm and Ø110mm, both in trim and trimless versions. Moreover, it’s available in round and square shape.

New lumen packages
The Mood Pro series is available in the same sizes as the standard Moods but with efficacy values ​​of up to 85 lm/W and stunning new lumen packages:
XS (Ø30mm): up to 200lm delivered
S (Ø50mm): up to 650lm delivered
M (Ø80mm): up to 1200lm delivered
L (Ø110mm): up to 2000 delivered

Mood Pro Fixed
Mood Pro Fixed has the most variety of sizes, from Ø30mm to Ø110mm and the performance is increased by 60% in comparison to the standard Mood. The hemispherical opal diffuser creates soft and uniform illumination, making it the ideal solution for general lighting. 

Mini size, extra performance
Mood Pro Fixed features an extra small size of just Ø30mm that offers an outstanding lumen output up to 265 lm/W and efficacy values up to 78 lm/W.

Mood Pro Adjustable
Mood Pro Adjustable is perfect for creating extraordinary accent lighting in different settings. Its mechanical adjustment system works on both axes (horizontal 0-35°/40°, vertical 358°): the system enables simple, precise adjustment without the need for special tools.

New optics for super narrow beams
Mood Pro Adjustable has been added super super narrow 6° and super narrow 8° beams: it guarantees the best precision lighting, ideal to draw attention to even the smaller object or detail.

Precise lighting
Mood Pro Adjustable is designed to be the perfect solution for accent lighting. It offers an unprecedented precision and intensity of light: more than 10000cd with 3,5W and more than 14000cd with 8W (with 3000K and CRI90). 

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