Xicato XSW

XSW is a programmable switch that can be field installed and converts a standard 0-10V dimming switch or low voltage momentary contact switch into a sophisticated Bluetooth controller.

  • Easy to Install: choose from the huge variety of new, off-the-shelf switches. XSW is FCC, CE/RED and RCM certified and is UL Listed.
  • Safe inexpensive wiring: XSW is DC powered, 12-50V, UL Class2, SELV Class III.
  • Instant lighting response: XSW broadcasts data directly to lighting nodes using Bluetooth for instant response and maximum reliability.

XSW designed to address specific switch variants for the following:

  • Enable a standard single-channel, 0-10V dimming switch to control a single, dimmable light source or lighting group via Bluetooth.
  • Convert a standard low voltage contact switch into a programmable Bluetooth controller. Each button can be independently programmed to command dim levels for one or more lights or to command scenes for any number of lights or lighting groups. XSW can provide power to the switch LEDs and can accommodate up to 4 or up to 8 buttons, and accommodate either common Anode (4A or 8A) or common Cathode (4C or 8C) LED configurations.