Xicato XIS

Xicato’s sensors are compact, wireless nodes that transmit sensor data over the Bluetooth network for use by lighting, environmental management, or other applications. XIS can sense motion, ambient light, temperature, and relative humidity.

XIS communicates directly with light sources such as Xicato’s XIM or any other light source that uses Xicato’s XID driver. Control intelligence including sensor response is built into the XIM and XID nodes, which can respond individually to one or more sensors, switches, local mobile or remote BMS commands, or even to other lights.

XIS can be powered by any 6V to 56V DC power source or using a standard CR2450 3V coin cell battery.

XIS can also broadcast multiple, simultaneous Bluetooth beacons, including iBeacon, Eddystone and Alt Beacons. It's teh perfect addition for installations that need to provide real-time, indoor, location-based information and navigation services.

Sample XIS applications:

  • Occupancy detection
  • Vacancy detection
  • Daylight compensation
  • Environmental control
  • Art conservation
  • Remote occupancy tracking and analytics