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specificatielam32slot (pdf)

LAM32 Slot

Luminaire designed for floor installation, suitable for power LED
sources. Its body is made of extruded aluminum welded to the
base plate along all the circumference of the luminaire, polyester
powder coated to ensure durability over time and maximum
resistance against atmospheric agents. Internal LED housing is
made of opal PMMA tubular and is completed by closing caps in
anodized aluminum up to 18 microns and made tight by silicone
gaskets and cable gland system. The head signal light is optional
and is composed of the capsule in opal PMMA. Power LED source
is placed in a LED housing in turned aluminum anodized up to 18
microns. The installation is allowed thanks to not-included screws
for the direct fixing to the floor, or through an anchor plate in
stainless steel sheet with anchors bolts for the concrete. Integrated
electronic power supply allows the connection of the luminaire to
the 230VAC power supply voltage. It is also equipped with a 50cm
neoprene cable for connection to the power supply line through
appropriate connection systems to be ordered separately.

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