Factorylux Reflector 360mm

The iconic Factorylux Reflector 360mm available in heavy gauge steel finished with vitreous enamel in a range of classic colours, galvanised, nickel plated, 9 carat gold plated or solid copper either polished or verdigris. Coupled with class leading Xicato light sources and complimented by a wide range of cable colours, chain and ceiling hardware, all Factorylux lights are made in the UK and tested to BS EN 60598.

Lamp type*Xicato XTM Standard/Artist
Luminous Flux400-5000lm
Power Consumption3.7W – 39.1W
Drive Current350mA – 1400mA
Colour Temperature2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K
Colour Consistency1-2 Step MacAdam Ellipses
Beam Angles*14°, 25°, 38°, 60°
Accessories*Ultra Wide Beam Diffuser
Wide Beam Diffuser
Industrial Louver

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