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Specificatie flexi miniline rgb (pdf)

Vexica Flexi Miniline RGB

Flexible low-profile top view polyurethane encapsulated LED strip.
Holds in place with stainless steel fixing clips or 3M adhesive tape, bending in a top-view direction to achieve desired lighting effect. It is provided with IP67 plug in male/female connectors.
15 x 5.95mm / 0.59” x 0.23” cross section.


  • Flexible PU Resin
  • Length: 108 mm
  • Mininum bend radius 60mm
  • Outdoor rated to IP67 rating
  • Ambient storage temperature: -30 to +85
  • Ambient operating temperature: -10 to +40
  • LED Picht: 8.33 mm


See specification for more information