Stoane Lighting GTX2.50

Adjustable spot light with slash cut snoot on custom sized stem with Xicato module. Stem length up to 400mm max.


Lamp:Xicato Module
Finish:Anodised Painted Specials
Dimming:BLE, 0-10V, DMX, DALI, Mains or Dual Dim
Supply:XTM: Constant current remote driver
 XIM: 48V DC
CRI RA97 (Artist Series, Vibrant Series V95) 
83 (Standard Series, Vibrant Series V80) 
90 (Designer Series)
Initial Output9mm LES XIM Artist: 700lm (12.5W)
9mm LES XIM Standard: 700lm (10.1W)
9mm LES XTM Standard: 1300lm (15.6W at 700mA)
9mm LES XTM Artist: 930lm (15.6W at 700mA)
Pan & Tilt180º tilt and 120º pan adjustment
Optic:Narrow (12º - 20º) Medium (20º - 30º) 
Flood (30º - 50º) Wide Flood (51º +)
Extra Wide Flood Wall wash

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