Lucent Lighting Axis Downlights Trimless

A range of single circular gimbal trimless downlights for use with all Lucent LED50 modules including Ambiance WarmDim with anti-glare snoot as standard. Seperate die cast plaster in trim kit for seamless installation. Body and Gimbal finished either Black or White. Interior of the ant-glare snoot black as standard. Fully directional 35°tilt in both planes. Easy relamping with ball-catch mechanism for lamp body removal. Trim versions available. Multi trimless installation kits available.

The Lucent Lighting Axis is available in 4 types:
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Lucent Lighting Axis Mini Trimless

Lucent Lighting Axis Mini Long Snoot Trimless

Lucent Lighting Axis Midi Trimless

Lucent Lighting Axis Midi Long Snoot Trimless