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Specificaties LEd FLex Duro Flex Pixel (pdf)

LED Flex Duro Flex Pixel

The Duro Flex is designed for harsh outdoor environments. Duro Flex is extremely durable and resistant towards water, saltwater and UV rays. This range utilises a unique heat management system and 4oz PCBs to enable more current to flow through a maximum of 10 metres without voltage drop. Duro Flex is ideal for exterior projects, facades and landscaping installations.

  • Power Consumption: 12 - 15W/M | 0.5A/M
  • Cutting Intervals : 6+6 LED / 100mm – 7 LED / 125mm
  • LED Type: SMD Chip 5050
  • Voltage: 24V DC


Efficiency Lumen
Pixel 3000K54.17 Lm/W650 Lm/m
Pixel 5700K54.17 Lm/W650 Lm/m
Pixel Amber16.67 Lm/W200 Lm/m
Pixel Bleu8.33 Lm/W100 Lm/m
Pixel Green16.67 Lm/W200 Lm/m
Pixel RGB25 Lm/W300 Lm/m
Pixel RGBW 2700K16.67 Lm/W250 Lm/m
Pixel RGBW 4500K16.67 Lm/W250 Lm/m
Pixel RGBW 6500K16.67 Lm/W250 Lm/m

See specification for more information