LED Flex Duro Flex 72

The Duro Flex is designed for harsh outdoor environments. Duro Flex is extremely durable and resistant towards water, saltwater and UV rays. This range utilises a unique heat management system and 4oz PCBs to enable more current to flow through a maximum of 10 metres without voltage drop. Duro Flex is ideal for exterior projects, facades and landscaping installations.


  • Dimension L5000/W6mm
  • Power connection and cut point every 83.334mm
  • LED pitch 13.80mm
  • Beam angle 150°
  • Minimum bend radius 25mm


             CRIPower consumptionLuminous         flux Luminaire efficacy 
72 - 2700K83.011.16W981.3 Lm/m87.93 Lm/W
72 - 3000K82.714.81W1072 Lm/m72.38 Lm/W
72 - 5000K85.211.16W1054 Lm/m 94.44 Lm/W
72 - BLUE9.87W145.57 Lm/m14.75 Lm/W


See specification for more information