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Specificaties GVA Lighting STR9 Lite Mono (pdf)

GVA Lighting STR9 Lite Mono

High performance, high power linear surface mount wall washer and wall grazer for interior applications.



  • Up to 3000 delivered lumens per meter (900 lumens per foot)
  • Three power options: 5W (ASHRAE/IESNA), 7.5W and 15W per 300mm/1ft
  • Superior quality of white light: excellent LED to LED color consistency and specified color over angle
  • DMX, DALI or 0~10V dimming through GVA’s power-data equipment
  • Small fixture size: 50mm/2.2″ high, 72mm/2.83″ wide
  • Four standard nominal lengths: 600, 900, 1200 and 1500mm or 2, 3, 4 and 5ft
  • Simplified indoor construction for reduced fixture cost: IP50 rated
  • Optically clear tempered glass lens: no yellowing over time



  • Custom LED color combinations
  • Non-standard beam distributions
  • Maximum lumen output adjustable during commissioning
  • Available LED Colors, 2700K – 6500K, Amber, Green, Red, Blue, Royal Blue, Blue Green


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