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Specifications GVA Lighting STR7 (pdf)

GVA Lighting STR7

The STR7™ is a low profile strip luminaire designed for installations where performance is essential and space is limited. Typical Applications include showcase and under-cabinet lighting, cove, effect lighting, task and emergency lighting and delineation. STR7™ is available in 6 color temperatures of white as well as Amber, Red, Green and Blue. This Luminaire is particularly suited to installation in tight spaces where other fixtures simply will not fit. With external dimensions of only 45mm wide and 18mm high the STR7™ can be installed in the smallest of spaces. Mounting onto almost any surface is easily achieved with number 4 screws through the integral mounting flange. It is strongly recommended that the luminaire be mounted onto a metal or concrete surface in order to sufficiently dissipate heat and ensure that the LEDs last their full rated lifetime.

  • 1300lm/m or 400lm/ft delivered
  • Two power options: 3W or 7W per 300mm/1ft
  • 6 LEDs per 300mm/1ft for even illumination
  • 120° lambertian distribution
  • On/Off, no dimming or direct DMX control input
  • DALI or 0~10V dimming through GVA’s power-data equipment
  • Indoor applications: IP40 rated
  • Very small fixture size: 18mm/0.7″ high, 47mm/1.8″ wide
  • Eight standard nominal lengths: 300, 600, 900, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100 and 2400mm or 1-8ft



  • Right hand or left hand feed
  • Specify input cable length


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