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Specifications GVA Lighting HL-Cove (pdf)

GVA Lighting HL Cove

Architectural Cove Modular LED lighting system.



  • Up to 1640lm/m or 500lm/ft delivered
  • Power consumption: 5W maximum per 300mm/1ft
  • 300mm/1ft modular design for curved or straight sections
  • 16 clusters of mid-power LEDs per 300mm/1ft for perfectly even illumination
  • Three different configurations available: RGBW high output LEDs with COLOR-AMP, Monochromatic, and RGB.
  • DMX, DALI or 0~10V control through GVA’s power-data equipment
  • LED modules fully sealed for indoor or outdoor use: IP66 rated
  • Adjustable aim mounting brackets: 0-90° in 10° increments for precise control of lighting effect
  • Small fixture size: 37mm/1.4″ high, 55mm/2.1″ wide
  • INFINITY® technology: exceptionally long runs (up to 300m or 1000ft) from a single power source


Available LED Colors:

  • 2200K – 6500K
  • Amber, Green, Red, Blue


See specifications for more information or click here