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Specifications GVA Lighting FL50 RGBW IM (pdf)

GVA Lighting FL 50 RGBW IM

GVA - RGBW Inner Mixing Architectural Spot and Floodlight.



  • Compact size, only 78mm (3.1in) in depth
  • Weight of only 3kg (6.6lbs)
  • Advanced thermal design with cutting-edge manufacturing process and materials
  • Highly adjustable with 360° horizontal rotation and 160° vertical rotation
  • IP66 sealed body design
  • INFINITY® Technology compatible (INF)
  • Built-in high temperature power supply (AC)
  • Plug-and-play with STR9® luminaires



  • Beam angles ranging from 10° to 80° with elliptical distribution options
  • Optical accessories for glare control
  • Mounting accessories for surface, wall and pole
  • Clear Matte or Black Matte Anodizing
  • ELV (48VDC), INF (380VDC) and AC (110-240VAC) input options


See specifications for more information or click here