FactoryLux Hooked B22 Lamp Holders

These brass bulb holders are an excellent alternative to white plastic light fittings. Use the hook to hang the lamp holder by chain or hook it over a fixing point. A shade can be fitted to the lamp holder (the barrel measures 26mm and the external diameter of the shade ring is 32mm) or use it unshaded.

Precision machined in the UK, certified to BS EN 61184, and includes detailed wiring instructions and diagrams for safe installation
comes with a single shade ring with extras available here.

The same lamp holder is available with a simple cord grip or a threaded nut for attaching to 20mm male threaded fittings such as conduit. There are also hooked small bayonet (B15 or SBC) and hooked standard screw (E27 or ES) versions in the same finishes

  • Finish: vintage brass, antique bronze, retro silver nickel plate or nine carat gold plate
  • Height: 73 mm - to top of hook
  • Diameter: 26 mm - barrel
  • Included: hooked B22 lamp holder with a single shade ring and wiring instructions/diagrams
  • Compatible with: THREE CORE LIGHTING CABLE
  • Not Compatible with: two core lighting cable