Cooledge FABRIColor

Cooledge, the company that brought you superior quality illumination at the scale of nature, is now delivering dynamic color (W+RGB) in a form unlike anything you've seen before. Introducing... FABRIColor


Immersive Illumination plus Dynamic Color = Immersive Color
FABRIColor extends the concept of immersive illumination - the comfortable feeling of being surround by light - by adding another dimension: dynamic W+RGB color.

Taking advantage of the architectural form provided by large scale, textured luminaires in a variety of shapes, FABRIColor allows you to create multi-purpose spaces where high quality white light used for functional illumination can be transformed into a celebration of color for social settings, brand promotion, or simply for a change.


  • Use canopies of color to create a variety of moods and emotional experiences.
  • W+RGB delivers both high quality white for general illumination and dynamic color to transform your space whenever you desire.
  • A wide range of nine (9) shapes and sizes enables a solution for any room or any design theme.
  • Superior acoustic performance on all suspended models – including all non-rectangle shapes - reduces noise and saves you money on supplementary acoustic materials.


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