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Vexica Midi Spot

The VEX-MIDISPOT is an LED luminaire suitable for indoor and outdoor applications for architectural lighting and general lighting purposes.

This VEX-MIDISPOT uses a remote LED driver to power the luminaire. Driver dimming options are available. Lumen outputs vary between 300 and 600 lumens depending on white drive currents.

The luminaire is offered in single white LED colour temperatures, RGB, RGBA and RGBW and has various options for beam angles. It is ideal for applications such as architectural lighting, landscape, detail and spot lighting. Manufactured from anodised machined aluminium the luminaire offers unrivalled light output in a small form factor. Various beam angles are available for a multitude of light spreads.

Dimming options: Switched, 1-10V, DALI, DMX
Colour change option: RGB, RGB+White, RGB+Amber
Optional ground spike can be ordered separately for landscape projects